Episode 10 – Security Maturity Purity: Maturity II (Part 4 of 5)

In this episode, Brett and Jake continue the series on Security, Maturity, Purity with the second of two episodes on maturity.

Security Maturity Purity: Maturity II (Part 4 of 5)

Key Points:
– We can’t seek validation while attempting to grow in maturity
– Asking for help in the everyday situations of life, helps us learn and become more mature
– Humility is essential to a mature masculine heart
– A key aspect of maturation is learning to rely on the capacity and goodness of God
– To depend on God requires me to let go of my expected outcomes
– The story of Joseph in the Old Testament reminds us that we can trust that God is writing on a much bigger canvas
– Jesus is brilliant and relevant
– The interactions between Abba Father and Jesus in the Paschal mystery (Jesus’ passion, death, resurrection, ascension) offer important insights into trust and relationship in adversity
– God the Father will ask something to die in us so something much greater can come to life
– If we want new life, there’s no detour around the cross
– Although it’s hard to see in the moment, the truth is that adversity is actually a gift
– God has a kingdom for us to rule but we can’t rush to rule
– “The primary work of God is finding men in whom He can entrust His Power” (Dallas Willard)
– We are called to have influence with people, not power over people.
– Leadership is not about more power or privilege, it’s about having more feet to wash
– It is dangerous to grasp after power
– Take heart. The adversity is an important part of the process of maturity.

Discussion Questions
– Where in my life do I have power and influence? How do I use that for good? How do I use it for myself?
– Where do I have self-mastery (the ability for my yes and no to be for the good of the other and myself)? Where does it need to grow?
– Do I act to get from others? Or to bless from others?