Episode 18 – Men’s Group Ideas: Mastermind & My Experience of You

Episode 18 - Men's Group Ideas

Jake and Brett talk about two ideas to try in your men’s groups: mastermind and my experience of you. These could be done in your men’s group as a way to change things up or take it to a deeper level. 

Key Points

  • “How I experience you”
    • Where a man is told, in love, by the other men, what it’s like to be around him
    • This requires relationship, trust, & openness
    • there are times this is affirming and times this is exposing and constructively critical
  • The foundation for good men’s groups is trusting relationship
  • Mastermind meeting
    • Created by Napoleon Hill
    • It’s an opportunity to glean collective wisdom 
    • Encouraging real conversation
    • Process: Every man comes with a case (place he are stuck), everyone briefly shares their case, group votes on which case to discuss, man shares deeper on the case and the others ask clarifying questions, then the group responds, the following meeting the man comes back and reports on what he did or didn’t do
    • It isn’t problem solving
    • The key is to keep it real and safe while raising awareness and responsibility
    • Being empathetic will be helpful 

 Discussion Questions:

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • What men’s group idea might you try? Why?
  • What other men’s group ideas have you heard of that you could try out?
  • If you aren’t in a men’s group, what’s holding you back?