Episode 20 – What Jake would say to his 20-year-old-self

park bench

After the usual high/low, Jake shares with Brett about what he would say to his 20-year-old-self.

Key Points

  • So many men, especially young men, are moving through life without a real awareness of their inner world
  • Every man needs to hear that he is seen, loved, and that it’s going to be okay
  • Women don’t have the answer to the deepest desire of a man’s heart
  • Character matters more than kingdom; change the heart not just the behaviour; get below the surface 
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously and have fun

Discussion Questions:

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • What would you say to your 20-year-old-self?
  • How would you have reacted to have heard that you are totally seen, totally loved, and that it’s going to be okay?
  • Where might you need to develop character instead of kingdom?
  • What is one way you could “get below the surface” of your heart?
  • What are some ways you have fun?