Episode 24 – Our Internal World: Part 3 of 3

Empty chair with sun through window

Brett and Jake finish the three part series about the internal world by discussing various practicals of how to navigate and experience healing in our hearts.

Key Points

  • If our spiritual lives remain solely emotional then it will be difficult to grow
  • Our inner world is intended to be experienced and sometimes heard in the context of relationship. Isolation isn’t the ideal setting for our inner world.
  • Speaking symbolically, it’s like we all have one chair in our own hearts that represents the centre of our life. and the question is, who/what is sitting in that chair?
  • Another question to reflect on our inner world is, “What’s the weather like in my inner world?”
  • Memorize “proverbs” which are short statements that are true and helpful to navigating life and our inner world.
    • It’s not what’s happening to us, it’s the meaning we attach to it. 
    • The past is always present.
    • Be careful what you hear, be more careful with the interpretation.
    • Love God for his sake.
    • There is supreme value in knowing Christ Jesus (see Philippians 3:8)
    • Things are not always as they appear. 
    • Don’t throw your pearls before swine
  • The name of Jesus is powerful enough to heal (see Acts 3:6) 
  • Label TED (Thoughts, Emotions, Desires), do a TED talk with a friend where you share about your thoughts, emotions, and desires in the past week
  • The story inside our head may not be true, so we have to ask, “Is this true?” 
  • It’s usually not good to share deep parts of your internal world with someone who doesn’t understand or respect internal worlds but if someone can simply listen without needing to give advise then that could be a good person to open up to
  • We can’t forget that we have an enemy
  • Ask the question “why?”
  • It’s important to try to remain aware that when two people are interacting their inner worlds are impacting each other
  • Do the Examen Prayer everyday
  • Do Prayerful journalling
    • Reflect and ask “Why? Where did that come from? Who is saying this right now?”
    • To address the pain: “When have I felt this way before? When has something like this happened before? When is the first/worst time something like this has happened?”
    • Write this to God
    • Do TED with memories that come up
    • Invite God into the memory
    • Ask Jesus for the truth in the memory. “Jesus, is _____ true? Please show and tell me the truth.”
  • Get resources that ask you helpful questions
  • The goal is not to become self-focused or “navel gazing”
  • Go easy on yourself. You don’t have to know every detail by tomorrow. We will mess up. That’s normal.  

Discussion Questions:

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • We have one chair in our hearts that represents the centre of our life. Who or what would you say in sitting in the one chair of your heart?
  • What’s the weather like in my inner world these days?
  • What are some of the proverbs that keep you grounded?