Episode 25 – True Boldness

man walking across bridge

Jake and Brett discuss how true boldness is manifesting the heart of Jesus in a given situation. By examining scenes from Jesus’ life, it becomes clear that boldness is a wonderful and essential part of authentic masculinity. 

Key Points

  • It’s important to have some margin in life where there’s still space around all we do to breathe
  • The culture puts forth various messages about what it means to be a good man
  • Meekness and timidity aren’t the same thing. Timidity is weakness and cowardice and meekness is strength under control.
  • When trying to define something we can often unknowingly stay in the extremes and not the truth, i.e. timidity – boldness – tyrannical 
  • Boldness can mean being tender and being fierce
  • Boldness is being a manifestation of the Father’s presence in a particular situation
  • Boldness could be found in Jesus’ lived integration of laying down his life as well as turning over tables in righteous anger 
  • Boldness is always directed toward the good of the other, the situation, and myself
  • There is a long list of negative effects due to the loss of real boldness in men
  • Boldness is part of true masculinity and when men aren’t bold the world suffers
  • The loss of true boldness is seen in Adam in the Garden of Eden
  • Fear is a deep root of a lack of boldness 
  • Rightly ordered emotions move you to be bold
  • Being a Christian man isn’t about just being nice
  • Being a good man doesn’t mean becoming less emotional, it means having our emotions rightly ordered
  • Desires and emotions were present before the fall which means they were created by God and are good
  • St Thomas Aquinas speaks about the goodness of desire and emotion
  • Part of true boldness is experiencing healing so our emotions become rightly ordered
  • Jesus was emotional and bold
  • Holy discontent is a state of heart where we can see something from the Father’s perspective because we aren’t overtaking the interpretation; it is an initial experience that can move us into bold action because we feel and see from God’s heart
  • Jesus turning tables and confronting the Pharisees are two of many examples of true boldness
  • The Good News is that Jesus’ life gets to be our life; His life can be in us
  • Grace is the life of God in a human soul
  • The greatest act of boldness is Jesus’ embracing the cross

Discussion Questions:

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • How would you define true boldness?
  • What do you believe is the impact of the loss of masculine boldness?
  • What’s a scene from the bible where you see Jesus’ true boldness?