Episode 36 – Holidays

evergreen tree

After sharing their high/low, Jake and Brett discuss the reality of the Christmas season and how, upon deeper examination, the holidays can expose important dynamics in our hearts. 

Key Points

  • There is a way to discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit
  • Anything we do in love doesn’t fail; so if it’s in love, just do it
  • The holidays can be wonderful and difficult
  • Finances can be difficult especially over the holidays
  • The holidays can expose immature and self-centred places in us
  • The internal narratives can be especially powerful over the holidays
  • Christmas is a time we can see how we’ve grown or not 
  • The pressures and expectations around Christmas can be hard
  • Have meaningful conversations with spouse and family about needs and expectations over the holidays can be helpful
  • We can rise above (acknowledge it, face it, choose to be a good man)
  • The coming of Jesus into our world is the true centrepiece of Christmas
  • Christmas shows how God not only comes into our world but also into our lives and hearts and wounds

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • What are some of your joys and irritations with the Christmas season?
  • If you looked back at previous years, what are a couple of things that would make this season better for you and your loved ones?
  • What does the Christmas season expose in you?
  • How can you enter in more deeply this Christmas season?


  • (None this week)