Episode 46 – Living Easter

Episode 46 - empty tomb with light shining in

After checking in about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jake and Brett talk about how Jesus’ resurrection is the greatest event in human history. They end with a special announcement about a future series.

Guiding Quote

“We do not pretend that life is all beauty. We are aware of darkness and sin, of poverty and pain. But we know Jesus has conquered sin and passed through his own pain to the glory of the Resurrection. And we live in the light of his Paschal Mystery – the mystery of his Death and Resurrection. We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song!” (Pope St. John Paul II, Sunday Angelus, Sunday, 30 November 1986) (Link to full Angelus talk)

Key Points

  • COVID-19 is having a significant economic impact on the world
  • There are blessings to be found in this epidemic
  • Physical distancing has created an opportunity for digital events that can be a great blessing to our spiritual life
  • For hundreds of years in the early church, art depicted the resurrection, not the crucifixion
  • Easter is the main theme in Christianity and the greatest event in human history
  • The Resurrection is real! Jesus is who he said he is. And that changes everything
  • “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, of infinite importance. The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.” (CS Lewis)
  • What would the look on the devil’s face have been when Jesus breathed again?
  • Good Friday is not what sin does to a saviour, it’s how love responds to sin
  • St Ignatius teaches that it’s important to notice a movement of the heart as being with cause or without cause
  • The resurrection is and can be very personal

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • What would it look like for you to take your relationship with God seriously?
  • How will you engage in the Easter season?


Upcoming Book Study

Purchase Fathered by God below. The first book study episode releases Monday May 4 and will review Chapters 1 & 2.