Episode 5 – Scandals

In this episode, Jake and Brett have an unscripted and honest conversation about the recent abuse scandals in the Catholic Church and they suggest some categories for discussing what’s broken and needs rebuilding.

Discussion Questions:
1. What struck you from this episode
2. How have the scandals impacted you personally?
3. How is God calling you to help restore the Church?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Crisis of Truth by Ralph Martin

Pastores Dabo Vobis

Pennsylvania Grand Jury

In August 2018, a Pennsylvania Grand Jury released a report of almost 900 pages documenting an eighteen-month investigation of credible allegations against more than 300 priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses. (Click here to access the report.) These include alleged abuses against more than 1000 child victims. The abuses detailed in this report are horrifying, and we should acknowledge them as such. This report also outlines allegations of how Church leadership, including bishops and diocesan officials, failed to effectively deal with those who had been accused of abuse.

Links to Responses to the Abuse Crisis

Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB (Archbishop of Vancouver, BC) – Statement on the Recent Revelations of Sexual Abuse in the Church

Abiding Together Podcast – Episode On Summer and Scandal

Bishop Robert Barron (Auxiliary Bishop Archdiocese of Los Angeles) – Why stay Catholic? & Q&A about the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Fr. Mike Schmitz (popular podcaster and Youtube personality) – The Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Scandal

Brenton Cordeiro (Companions of the Cross Seminarian) – I Love The Catholic Church, I Hate Sexual Abuse: A Seminarian’s Response To Scandal

Ralph Martin (President of Renewal Ministries) – Dear Troubled Catholics

Cardinal Daniel Nicholas DiNardo (President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) – Statement on August 27, 2018 & Statement on August 16, 2018

Dr. Edward Sri (Popular conference speaker and author) – Now is the Time for Heroes & A Biblical Response to Church Scandal: What Can We Do?

Fr. Josh Johnson (Popular podcaster and Youtube personality) – The Broken and Blessed Catholic Church