Episode 51 – Fathered By God | Book Study Part 5: King

Episode 51 - Crown of thorns

Jake and Brett continue their book study series on Fathered By God and unpack the stage of the King. Despite seeming like a place of honour and power, being a king is about being a secure son who is a servant of all using authority to bless and bring life to those around him.


Guiding Quotes

“Jesus lived the days of his youth as the Beloved Son, secure in his Father’s love. He matured as a young man working in the carpenter’s shop, and through his time in the wilderness. And then he went to war, and as the great Warrior he rescued his people from the kingdom of darkness, threw down the dark prince, set the captives free. As Lover, he wooed and won the hearts of his bride. And now, he reigns as King. Thus the progression of his life as a man, and thus ours.” (p158)

Key Points

  • Jesus walked the same path of maturation that he invites us to walk
  • The process of masculine initiation is a process with a noble and worthwhile end
  • The King is always about the other
  • We need to be careful with desiring to be a king too early because it’s a life of great self-sacrifice
  • Many fail as kings because of three things: abdication, passivity, or tyranny
  • Without all the prior stages, a king is likely shallow and hollow and the mantle of leadership can crush him
  • A powerful lie kings have to battle is that they should know enough to be self-sufficient and not need help
  • A big weakness of a king is not walking with God
  • Jesus’ strategic plan as a king is to do what the father is doing and say what the father is saying
  • Kings and sons, servants, and stewards
  • Kings will not be perfect
  • Start simple where you need to improve as a king
  • Ask the Father to father you in how to be a good king
  • Regularly ask yourself, “How am I going to lead in a way that’s a blessing and a gift to others?”
  • Shoulder to shoulder conversations can be a helpful alternative in intense conversations

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • Does your authority reflect the Father’s kingdom? Are people flourishing under your “rule”?
  • Where are you a good king? Where do you need to improve as a king?
  • Where do you struggle with feeling like you have to do it all on your own? Where did first learn that belief/lie? Have you brought it to God?
  • Consider one aspect of leadership in your life. Pray about how you are going to lead in a way that’s a blessing to those I lead. 


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