Episode 55 – Leadership with Fr. Simon Lobo

Jake and Brett are joined by their friend Fr. Simon Lobo, pastor at St. Benedict’s Parish in Halifax. They all discuss the dynamics of the heart that make a good leader in a parish as well as in the family and world. 


Guiding Quotes

“Humility is an essential function in leadership.” (Craig Groeschel)

Key Points

  • Fr Simon Lobo is the pastor of St. Benedict parish in Halifax. He followed Fr. James Mallon in leading this parish. 
  • Leading well is about blessing those around you and those who come after you
  • Men can suffer from masculine comparison
  • We need to be careful what we covet
  • Leadership is about making a gift of ourselves
  • Success is about pouring into the one after you
  • Masculinity and leadership requires embracing the cross

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • Who are the father’s that have fathered you well? What did they offer you?
  • What do you covet? Do you feel you are ready for the weight of that responsibility? Why? Why not?
  • What is hard about the idea of “embracing the cross?” What is hopeful or good? How is this masculine?