Episode 58 – Eulogy Virtues

man facing road

After sharing about an experience of attending a funeral, Jake and Brett talk about what some call the eulogy virtues, which are ways of living life that emphasize the character of a person more than their skills. 

Guiding Quotes

“What do you want to be remembered by? (Brett Powell)

Key Points

  • The things we want said about us at our funeral can but matters into perspective
  • We can miss wonderful depth of a truth or quote by just acknowledging it and not lingering with it
  • We live in a soundbite culture
  • Esse quam videri – “To be rather than to appear”
  • How we approach the eulogy virtues is completely different than how we approach the resume virtues
  • The eulogy virtues are really about our presence in the world
  • We need grace and the love of God poured into us

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you from this episode?
  • What would you like to be said at your funeral?
  • What are some “eulogy virtues” you admire?
  • What are some “resume virtues” you overemphasize?