Episode 6 – Discipleship

In this episode, Jake and Brett discuss the experience and importance of being an apprentice of Jesus.

Key Points
– Being an apprentice of a master carpenter is a good analogy for being a disciple of Jesus
– Discipleship starts with encounter
– Discipleship isn’t simply an intellectual activity
– Sometimes an encounter with God is beyond words
– Jesus is brilliant and therefore very relevant

Discussion Questions
– What struck you from this episode?
– What is one area that you wish you were more like Jesus? How would that make life better?
– Recall a time you had an encounter with God. What do you think Jesus trying to communicate to you? What would life be like if that experience was readily on your mind and heart?
– What is one step you can take to become more of an apprentice of Jesus? What’s holding you back from taking that step?

– The Great Omission by Dallas Willard
– To Know Christ Jesus by Frank Sheed
– Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI
Excerpts from Divine Personality of Jesus by Mother M. Angelica
– Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge (NOTE: We do not agree with some of the points Eldredge makes in this text about “religion.” We believe a better word for religion, as Eldredge uses it, would be “Phariseeism” which means living and acting like a Pharisee. Otherwise, the book offers so fantastic reflections on the personality and humanity of Jesus).