Episode 67 – Be Yourself

group of men smiling

This week, Jake and Brett discuss the true meaning of being yourself. God created us in a particular way and we need to live in that truth. There’s a balance to be had between thinking too little or too highly of ourselves. Men are often afraid to show how strong they really are because they’re afraid they will hurt someone, but we were sent to be representatives of a powerful God and so we need to carry ourselves accordingly. Holding all these things in balance can be difficult, but this conversation will help in achieving that goal. 

Key Points

  • Men are often afraid to use their strength because they’re afraid they’ll hurt someone. This could be because of the fear of wounding another or being wounded.
  • Be aware of thoughts and be aware of motives.
  • Don’t think too highly or too lowly of yourself
  • “If I have something to offer, it’s a reflection of the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Brett
  • “Every situation needs the Father, not me. But I will be the face, the voice, the response of the Father.” -Jake
  • Jesus was bursting with Divine capacity and He had to restrain that all the time. Strength also means restraint. It doesn’t always mean asserting yourself.
  • Saul’s armour didn’t work for David. He had to be himself.
  • “A man’s addictions is the result of him refusing his strength.” -John Eldredge

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • Have you prayed for unity in our world? Take a moment now to do so.
  • Have any of your sins/faults come from a lack of using your strength? How can you use your strength to prevent sin in the future?
  • Do you lean towards thinking too highly or too lowly of yourself? What can you do to get closer to who you truly are?
  • Have you ever thought you were the solution to a problem instead of the Lord? What was the outcome?
  • In what ways can you use restraint as a strength at home, with your family, at work?