Episode 68 – Spiritual Growth (with Bishop Scott McCaig)

This week, Jake and Brett are joined by Bishop McCaig: the Bishop of the Canadian Military and member of the Companions of the Cross. They discuss the five areas of self-knowledge that are key to spiritual growth and the four primary ways that God speaks to us. There is a treasure trove of insight to the spiritual life from the good Bishop that led to a lot of “ah-ha” moments for our hosts. This episode can help you prepare for Lent in real and tangible ways.

Key Points

Five areas of self-knowledge that are key in spiritual growth

  1. Understanding who we are in God. We are made my God for communion with God. We are religious by nature. We will either worship God or find a substitute
  2. There are four primary voices of God. (See below)
  3. The temperaments. Rooted in Greek philosophy but picked up by the Church Fathers. Different people react to life differently. This is how we are hardwired. 
  4. Your own pattern of virtues and vices
  5. Charisms. Specialized gifts that are meant for the service of others. This is God telling you how He wants to use you for the building up of the 

Four Primary ways God reveals Himself to us and how to respond

  1. Unity-Your entire life becomes integrated under one purpose. 
  2. Truth-Reading a book during prayer. Pray Lectio Divina with what you read
  3. Beauty-Pray while on a walk or with religious art
  4. Goodness-Feed the poor. Care for the sick.

-We tend to be wired for one of these primary ways but our hearing of the other voices of God tends to grow as we mature in the spiritual life.

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • Which of the “four voices” discussed is the way that you primarily encounter the Lord? How can you consistently find a way to listen to the Lord through the way he hardwired you?
  • Which of the “four voices” is a struggle for you? Did anything discussed spark a new idea for how to hear the Lord in a new way?
  • What charisms have you been given from the Lord to help build up your family and the Church?
  • We are made for worship. Has anything crept into your life that has made you shift your worship of God to something else?


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