Episode 69 – Marriage: Part 1 (with Heather Khym and Andrea Powell)

This week, Jake and Brett have on the most special guests in the history of the show: their wives! They have a lovely conversation about how they met, how they’ve grown as a couple in their years of marriage and how they’ve handled and learned from their wounds and hardships of marriage. Both couples have a depth of knowledge and experience with the heights and depths of marriage and the conversation is rich with laughter, insight and love.

Key Points

  • Both couples share how they met and fell in love.
  • Both people experience growth in marriage.
  • It’s important to keep God, and not your spouse, on the throne of your heart.
  • Constantly return to the primary goal of marriage: Heaven. If we’re on the path towards heaven, the bad times can be seen as purification instead of a reason to give up and quit.
  • You can build a strong foundation in your marriage even if the beginning was rocky.
  • You get to know your spouses wounds/weakness over time. This is an invitation to teach each other with empathy/grace. Work together to find healing for these wounds.
  • Make the choice to forgive first. Forgive when you’re hurt
  • A spouse’s faithfulness draws us in to the faithfulness of God and our love for our spouse helps to grow our love for God in them.
  • God knows that we come together broken. He brought us together to help one another grow in holiness and love.

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • How did you and your spouse meet and fall in love? Share those memories with your spouse and friends.
  • How have you helped your spouse through a wound or tough time?
  • How has your spouse helped you to grow and get closer to Heaven?