Episode 72 – Pastoral Leadership

Brett & Jake are rejoined by Fr. BJ Hamilton to continue their conversation from the last episode. This week, the focus is on two of Father BJ’s primary passions: basketball & pastoral leadership. So many in Church leadership, whether lay or priests, haven’t had adequate training in how to be a leader. This has led to some very difficult situations in parishes/ministries. Fr. BJ shares how he has sought out growth as a leader and pleads for others to do the same.

Key Points

  • Many priests and other Church leaders aren’t prepared for leadership.
  • Leaders often haven’t received training in strategic planning, budgeting, leading teams, etc.
  • Fr. BJ shares how he was not prepared to lead his parish, even in something like running a meeting. He had to seek out training on how to lead his parish.
  • “The amount of money that we invest in our pastoral leaders becoming better leaders, is an indictment on what we think of our mission” -Brett
  • Many people shy away from calling the Church a business but it has very large budgets, staff, meetings and reports like any other business. We need to be formed in the business side of things for the business side of ministry.
  • We are baptized priest, prophet and king. By nature of our baptism we are all invited to lead. To do this well, we need to learn how.

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • What are the things you are most passionate about?
  • Who is the best leader you know? Why?
  • What is the thing that drives you crazy with someone who has been in leadership over you?
  • What have you learned from both types of leaders?
  • What is a way you can lead better in your home, job or parish?