Episode 73 – St. Joseph (Part 1)

This week kicks off a series on St. Joseph. Brett shares his experience of doing the consecration to St. Joseph and Jake shares how St. Joseph was probably not an old man like we’ve often been told. They have a discussion on the implications of St. Joseph being a young man and also take lessons from him being the patron saint of workers. How does our work help to orient us towards the Lord? Tune in to learn about masculinity by focusing on one of the greatest men of all time: St. Joseph.

Key Points

  • Brett shares his experience of doing the Consecration to St. Joseph
  • Was Joseph old or young? There are implications of always thinking of him as an older man instead of a holy young man
  • St. Joseph the Worker. There’s something very genuinely masculine about the work he did. Work develops us as men

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • What’s your relationship with work?
  • How can you find spiritual meaning within the responsibility that you have?
  • How old have you pictured Joseph? What changes if you picture him younger?-Have you considered doing the consecration to St. Joseph?
  • What can we learn from St. Joseph’s work that can help us orient our work towards the Lord?