Episode 75 – St. Joseph (Part 3): Creative Courage

Jake & Brett take a deep dive into their highs and lows before continuing the conversation about how we, as men, can learn from the example of St. Joseph. This week, they focus on the “creative courage” that St. Joseph exemplified as he led the Holy Family through difficulties. They address the redemption that God can bring from difficult circumstances in our histories, and how the sacrifices we make can bring about new and greater possibilities for us and those we love.

Key Points

  • Self acceptance is a critical first stage to the restoration of masculinity. This counteracts the inclination to hide and conceal our faults which creates interior conflict.
  • Even the pieces of our personal history that we did not choose can be fathered by God into something good.
  • In the face of difficulty, men often passively walk away from the difficulty or else try to dominate it. Creative courage is the third way: truly engaging with it. 
  • St. Joseph shows us examples of how creative courage can draw out resources you never thought you had. 
  • Love is the source of all creative courage. Love is strong, as we can see from Jesus’ sacrifices and the ways St. Joseph protected the Holy Family.

Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever avoid processing your shortcomings? How can you reflect and pray for self-acceptance and to move forward with courage?
  • What does St. Joseph’s example of finding the stable for Jesus’ birth teach you about tough decisions and sacrifice?
  • What do your sacrifices make possible?
  • What is a sacrifice you can take on this week to make something new or better possible for you or those you care about?