Episode 76 – Fatherhood

With Father’s Day right around the corner, Brett & Jake spend an episode discussing fatherhood and the call to sacrificial love shown to us by Christ on the cross. A major theme in fatherhood is making the right choices for our family even if this means sacrificing our own desires. Growing in spiritual maturity allows us to become the fathers that God intended as we learn more and more to love without counting the cost.

Key Points

  • The pinnacle of masculinity is that my life is about the other. The greatest example of this sacrifice is Christ on the cross and we live this out in fatherhood.
  • All men are called to become fathers whether they have biological children or not.
  • In fatherhood, the places that are immature are exposed quickly because fatherhood isn’t about you. 
  • Aristotle’s Four Levels of Happiness can be used as a simple self-assessment tool for Christian maturity. Where do I find my happiness: 1) Immediate Gratification 2) Personal Achievement 3) Contributor or 4) Ultimate Good. 
  • The development of virtue (the disposition to continuously do the good) requires us to actually want to be that kind of man, not simply appear to be that kind of man
  • Fathers have an incredibly powerful, creative role in children’s lives in an emotional, spiritual, moral, and character-based way.
  • Fatherhood is not about self-reliance. Our surrender to the power and love of God in our hearts, and our cooperation with him: that brings life.  
  • If there’s pain or discomfort in your heart when it comes to fatherhood, it’s because you desire something more and we celebrate your heart.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you do with the decisions set before you to lay down your life? 
  • Where in my day can I make a gift of myself? (They can be small things)
  • Where do I need character transformation and God’s grace? These are opportunities for surrender.
  • What thoughts or feelings arise when you think about Father’s Day? Spend some time in prayer and contemplation with what arises.