Episode 79 – Wild at Heart (Part 1): A Battle to Fight

This week kicks off Jake & Brett’s new three part series based on John Eldridge’s “Wild At Heart”. They explore the three key desires of every man’s heart: A Battle To Fight, An Adventure to Live & a Beauty to Rescue. This week is all about the most important battles we face and how to fight them. Enjoy!

Key Points

  • Definition and initial exploration of acedia
  • The importance of answering the fundamental question in a man’s heart: ”Do I have what it takes?”
  • Battles are taking place within us and in the world but too often we decide not to engage
  • Our battles are with the world, the flesh or with the devil
  • Whatever the culture says a man truly is we must compare and contrast with who Jesus is, because he fully reveals man to himself
  • Simple fasting is a great way to grow as a man of God
  • Be a son, embrace the journey, close the gap

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • Have you felt the effects of acedia?
  • How is Jesus’ example of being a man different from how we often see modern man portrayed?
  • Have you tried fasting before? If not, what is a simple thing you can begin fasting from periodically?
  • If you have fasted, share what the benefits of it have been and lessons you’ve learned on best practices
  • What are the battles that you face most often? How are you combating them?