Episode 81 – Wild at Heat (Part 3): A Beauty to Rescue

This week is the final episode in our series breaking open the three core desires of the masculine heart from John Eldredge’s book, “Wild at Heart.” The last core desire is a “beauty to rescue,” focussing on a man’s relationship with the women in his life.

Key Points

  • As the relationships between men and women go, so goes the world.
  • Living a life worthy of the gift God has given you in your spouse 
  • Women desire to be seen and understood
  • The mystery of women
  • Intimacy and romance goes far beyond sexual interactions 
  • Wounds from other female relationships can bleed into our marriages. We need to recognize this and find healing so we don’t hurt our spouse/daughters
  • Our words (or our silence) have power in our relationships 
  • We don’t pursue loving our wives for our own benefit but because doing so helps us grow in holiness
  • St. Joseph’s example of pursuing Mary

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • What is a woman’s heart made for? How do I respond and react to that?
  • Where am I withholding grace, kindness, generosity to my wife/women in my life? Why am I doing that?
  • Have you seen wounds from your relationship with your mom or other women affect your relationship with your wife?
  • Outside of sexuality, how do you foster romance and intimacy with your wife?