Episode 82 – The Battle of the Mind with Fr. Richard Conlin (Part 1)

This episode is the first of a two-part conversation with Fr. Richard Conlin about winning the battle of the mind. Fr. Richard, Jake & Brett discuss how managing our thoughts is critical to opening ourselves to grace, and why it’s impossible to stay neutral in this battle. They share how turning to Scripture in times of struggle is modelled by Jesus, and can seal us in truth to combat the lies of the enemy.

Key Points

  • Fr. Richard shares about his call to the priesthood
  • How Fr. Richard was able to find joy amidst the sorrow of a different ordination experience than expected
  • Renewing our mind through the truths of Scripture 
  • The difficulty in living our reality vs what we expected our life to be 
  • How vocalizing truths out loud can create habitual thought patterns that combat lies from the enemy 
  • How “Bible Affirmations’” or “Bible I am’ Statements” can help you proclaim God’s truth over your life

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • What are some lies or thoughts you struggle with in the battlefield of the mind?
  • What are some biblical “I Am” statements that you could pray with to help win this battle?