Episode 84 – Relics, Motorcycles and Covid

This week, Jake and Brett take a special, extended look at their highs and lows. They both share great stories of what God is doing for them in their families and what new adventures they’re tackling at the moment. They also share about challenges due to Covid, election season and returning to school. We are all still dealing with the difficulties of a stressful and disunified time in our world. 

Key Points

  • There is blessing in experiencing the wider Church, not just how it is experienced from our perspective.
  • Story about obtaining relics
  • Jake trying a new adventure
  • Signs of a healthy discernment 
  • Disunity in the world weighing on our hearts 
  • Not feeling restored after Summer like usual 
  • Dealing with stressful topics internally like Covid and elections 

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • What are your highs and lows this week? Share them with friends or a loved one.
  • What are the signs in any current areas of discernment that you are making healthy decisions? What might be the red flags that you are not discerning well?
  • What is the last adventure you went on? 
  • How can you find rest in this season?

Resources (none this week)