Episode 87 – The Shift From Christendom to Apostolic Mission

Now is not a very popular time to be a Catholic. The culture which was once steeped in Christian ideals is now hostile to those same ideals and beliefs. In this episode, Jake and Brett discuss a book that’s currently taking the Catholic world by storm which can help us understand this shift. “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission” is a short and pithy book that’s easy to read and extremely relevant, giving us a lens through which to understand how the Church fits into the current culture. The return to an Apostolic age presents its own opportunities and hope for a more authentic Church.

Guiding Quote

“We are at the end of Christendom. Not Christianity, not the Church. Christendom is the economic, political, and social life as inspired by Christian principles. That is ending. We live in it from day to day, and we do not see the decline.” – Bishop Fulton Sheen

Key Points

  • Christendom refers to the society in which the Church is planted, a society that is animated by Christian principles 
  • Christendom spanned from the reign of the Emperor Constantine to the 1960s
  • The ‘Apostolic mode’ is not a new mode of church – it goes back to the early church
  • Apostolic Christianity leaves no room for duplicity, hypocrisy. It is the narrow way.
  • The importance of being grounded in eternal truths
  • Looking at the culture, not in an alarmist way but taking stock of the facts, it’s not a popular time to be a Catholic
  • Apostolic Mission calls us to live authentic, Christian lives

Discussion Questions

  • What struck you about this episode?
  • Do you find it difficult to live out Christian values in our current culture?
  • How does the shift to Apostolic Mission intimidate and/or inspire you as a Christian man?
  • What’s one area of your life that you feel called to greater authenticity and integrity in living your faith?